YEU with the support of ELRHA, Start Network and ADRRN (Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network) Tokyo Innovation Hub and UKAID opens opportunities for the community to develop inclusive humanitarian innovation ideas. Through the IDEAKSI series, 15 teams of local innovator from the community have been selected. Those teams have innovative ideas that can overcome problems and challenges in disaster management with meaningful involvement of vulnerable groups in planning, implementation, and monitoring.
Various innovations have been submitted through proposals by 15 teams of Local Innovators who have participated in innovation and capacity building workshops in the period of May till August 2021. Innovation ideas have been identified into several aspects such as applications related to disaster data for risk groups, documents related to disaster management in villages, environmental conservation, village information system and early warning, and inclusive evacuation. Group profiles and innovations can be seen on the Participant Profile page.


The next series of IDEAKSI activities is IDEAKSI DEMO DAY. 15 teams of local innovator will have the opportunity to pitch their innovation ideas through the IDEAKSI Demo Day. In this activity, innovators can explore opportunities for collaboration and support from various parties, including the government, the private sector, and the general public to become partners, investors, or potential networks for the sustainability of innovation.
Innovative ideas that have been developed by Local Innovators can provide benefits for many parties, one of which is increasing the effectiveness of emergency response and disaster risk reduction initiatives, can contribute to overcoming obstacles for persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups in actively participating, and have the capacity to disaster response and preparedness, as well as encouraging the involvement of persons with disabilities & other vulnerable groups in the process of coordination & policy making related to disaster management.


IDEAKSI Demo Day is the right place for those of you who are interested in inclusive humanitarian innovations in disaster management. From the results of DEMO DAY as the last series in the competition to select the top 10 local innovator teams who will be funded to realize their ideas.

DEMO DAY pitching can be watched via YAKKUM Emergency Unit's YouTube Channel: